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Ice Age: Continental Drift

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Ice-Age-4-Continental-Drift-Movie-Poster There are many variations on a theme, but this is the first time I’ve seen a version of Homer’s Odyssey done is such a manner that is both fun and entertaining for everyone. Now we know that the continents drfited for millions of years to get us to where we are now, as show at In this movie, we start where we ended with the last movie with Scrat (Chris Wedge) chasing yet another acorn. He catches the nut, and is determined to make sure it doesn’t move. He slams the acorn into the ground, and suddenly falls into the core of the Earth, and spins about inside the Earth, and the the landmasses break and form the continents we are seeing now.

Ice Age : The Coolest Event In 16,000 Years.

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This is one of the cutest movie franchises to ever come from the computer animation genre, and with its fourth installment coming out this summer, it’s definitely not going anywhere soon. We are going to go back a decade to where it all started, and meet with our favourite prehistoric mammals, Sid the sloth (John Leguizamo), Manfred the mammoth (Ray Romano), Diego the saber-tooth tiger (Denis Leary), and the very silly, acorn-obsessed squirrel, Scrat (Chris Wedge).

We open with Scrat finally getting his favourite meal, and looking for a place to store it. In the process, he accidentally cracks off a part of an ice sheet, and it chases him across the valley, and we come into a larger scope of this world. It is our world from about 20 to 15 thousand years ago, when humans were hunter-gatherers, and the animals were still pretty much having the run of the planet, but when the creatures are this formidable, we should just do whatever they want, except for maybe Sid.

Super Mario Bros (1993) Plumbers To The Rescue

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This isn’t your Nintendo game, this is all together something different and is sure to bring a smile to your face. Even if you have never played the game you are going to enjoy this film. If your a purist as far as game go then DON’T SEE this film. This is nothing like the video game, it is just based loosely on it.

The Mario brothers are trying to get work but Scapelli is always getting there first and in there way. While trying to get the job and get the job done they meet the likable Daisy played by Samantha Mathis who is the leader of a paleoanthropology did near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Luigi, played by John Leguizamo, is instantly smitten with her and just can’t get anything to come out right in scene after scene with Daisy. It is always his brother Mario, played by Bob Hoskins, who has to translate and explain what Luigi had said.