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The Thing (2011) It’s Not Human Yet

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There are some classics that are almost always going to be remade and I think that in another 10 years you will probably see this one remade again. It seems that when ever there is a great leap in technology that this one becomes the guinea pig for that to see just what can be done. For some stories this is a bad thing but for The Thing I think it will always be revisited. It is the unknown terror and horror of the story that draws the viewer in and then slams them against the wall as they catch their breath. That is what a terror and thriller film are supposed to do. It is supposed to make you hold your breath and then jump or scream with something happens. This film uses those tried and true methods of scaring you without being a blood bath like the current films of the past few years.

Grimm Friday Nights on NBC

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Friday nights just got better with the new show from NBC called Grimm. Nick Burckhardt (David Giuntoli) and Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby) are 2 detectives that have just been thrown into a world of the strange and unnatural, a world that has actually been there all along. A college girl has gone missing all in red and now a little girl as well and the two have to find out what has happened to her before it is too late. That is the basic run down of the pilot that looks to be a hit for NBC and one that I will be looking forward to seeing again.

Sniglet of the Day : January 15

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Sniglet Of The DayNeosapiens (knee-oh-say-pee-ins) A life form very nearly human whether on Star Trek or not.

We see them on all kinds of movies and TV shows, those aliens that look so human, it hard to tell if they are or not. Time Lords, any of the many people from across the galaxy ruled from Coruscant, from Hoth to Dantooine. They are everywhere in the media, and easy to cast. You will see them in Star Trek and Star Wars and Star-whatever, on Doctor Who and Torchwood, and just name a John Carpenter movie they aren’t, except that vampire one. Neosapiens are everywhere, and for all we know, they are corporate lobbyists or maybe just that co-worker who seems a little odd for some reason. Seriously, neosapiens are most likely going to show up mostly in scifi and fantasy movies, and I wish you luck in trying to figure out exactly which people are human and which ones are not. Note that most neosapiens are rather nice to look at, but some might have an evil mind or a hidden agenda that sort of creeps regular cast members out. You will know these guys or girls soon enough. Most usually won’t survive to the end of the show or movie. Good luck out there in entertainment-land, all you neosapiens!