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The State of Things, at Least in this State

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I was lucky enough to get off work early today, due to some scheduling mix-ups and overstaffing. When I came home, Cleave was watching our spindoctor state governor talking about how great the times are, and how so many jobs have been created during his admin, etc… etc… etc… Well, it seems the next Congressman for Florida’s District 1 thinks differently, and maybe the world should learn a few things from him. So, Musing Readers, take a few moments to see things from the South, and consider all points of interest. Let those you know that might live in this area from Pensacola eastwards to Chipley that NW Florida needs to see things from a better light than CNN or Faux News can show them.

Congress is rather silly with its stance on jobs and taxes

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Our country has many problems that it is facing today. We have multiple wars, massive dept and a Congress that loves to do nothing other then argue with each other and focus on things that really have no bearing on the average citizen. The country is being crushed with unemployment that had not been see for decades and a financial industry that is greedy as all hell. I don’t think the gods of the underworld are near as greedy as they are. Here are just four things that if taken care of would fix much of our once great country’s woes.