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Doomsday Prophecy shows up on SyFy with Jewel Staite and A J Buckley

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The latest SyFy Original film, most SyFy original films are just plain crap, aired on August 13th 2011 and was actually decent. As most know the majority of the SyFy offerings in films have been quite full of coprolite but they haven’t yet turned to stone. They are still warm and smelly yet people keep watching them. They reason they keep watching them is that every now and then you get a gem or in this case a Jewel like Domesday Prophecy. It is a story about the end of the world, a quite popular subject of like because of the Mayan prophecy that the world is going to change, not end, at the end of 2012. It will be the end of the world as we know it but it will still continue to be here, just different. This film gives the prophecy a new twist and spin as 3 very different people try to find out what is going on and how best to take care of it so they can save the world.


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An enveloping and terrific Sci-Fi film that all the fans had been waiting for. It is full of passion and I don’t just mean the sexual kind. This was something that was made for the fans of Firefly the world over. We get to see the crew in action once again as the writers of the award-winning show tie up many of the loose ends that had us all scratching our heads as we speculated on what happened. We finally know what happened to River Tam (Summer Glau) and why Simon (Sean Maher) was so protective of her. This is science fiction filming done right and we are all sorry to see that they are not making more of the loved show. This was truly a thank you and love letter to the fans and for that we thank you Joss Whedon.