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Noah (2014) The End Of The World Is Just The Beginning

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Noah-2014-Movie-PosterWe all know the story of Noah, at least any and all that have even heard about the bible. Even those that have not know many of the great flood stories that are all around the world. They all have a very common theme of a man, his wife and a few children saving the world from massive flood waters. How do they save the world? They save it by building an ark for themselves and all the animals that they can find so that something will remain. This version of Noah is no different except it has biblical threads woven in and around it. That is what makes it so controversial, it is based on the biblical story.

The Rocketeer (1991) A Tribute To The Past

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The Rocketeer was and is a tribute to the movie matinee reels of the past. A time when going to the movies was an adventure and an outing for the whole family and would last for several hours. This film captures that passion and patriotism of the past and serves it up to you in a thrilling action packed adventure.

This film is based in part on the comic book art of Dave Stevens who best known for his Bettie Page Comics as well as Elvira’s House Of Mystery. Since this is a Disney film we do not get all of the sexy and sexual overtones that are in Dave’s work but they do show off the women in this film as you would expect them to be in the late 1930’s. The director Joe Johnston was able to take the script for this film and turn it into a love letter to the past. A love of high adventure with futuristic fun where the good guy always gets the girl in the end. It is a shame that more films of this type were not done. You might know some of Johnston other work, Jumanji, Jarassic Park II, Hilalgo and others. He is also directing the upcoming Captain America film slated for this year, 2011. Just another reason to see another film from his past.