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Man of the Year : Elections are made to be broken.

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Even though this movie came out five years ago, its satirical vibe still rings true, especially with the 2012 election coming up. Tom Dobbs (Robin Williams) is a pundit that the public loves that has had it with party politics and has become very successful at making fun of the messed up system that is currently in Washington. It is a modern day fable, filled with very human monsters, and as much intrigue as any film about Ancient Rome, but somehow, this is Hollywood, where, even in America’s capitol, somehow, if you can get past the corruption, you can find that happily ever after, once the media is done tearing you apart.

Jurassic Park : Life Finds A Way.

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I read the book about a month before the movie came out, and was a little disappointed that some parts were left out of the movie, but these missing elements were added in the theme park ride down at Islands of Adventure, so Universal did its best at capturing Michael Crichton’s vision from every angle. This amazing movie was the biggest movie draw worldwide until 1997 with the advent of Titanic, and deserving of every penny it took in. It took us to a place featuring creatures most everyone has been fascinated with since they learned about dinosaurs when they were little kids. The only other truly successful franchise to use this premise of bringing dinosaurs and humans together is such a manner is the BBC’s Primeval.

ID4 Independence Day Special Edition

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ID4 is brilliant in its use of models, special effects and a great star studded cast. It is realistic in that it doesn’t go overboard with crazy stuff that would never work with our technology as it is now. The film is smart, entertaining and full of explosions that are sure to appeal to audiences young and old all over the world. This film has something for everyone unless you just hate Will Smith and science fiction films. We get to see some of the best acting but unfortunately some of the cliche one liners that are stuck to some actors. That aside we get a great performance and this was one hell of a big screen debut for Will Smith. No longer the slacker rapper but now a Hollywood star that shines.

Earth Girls Are Easy (1988)

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Come to the Valley in the late 1980s for a trippy campy sci-fi musical that gives us the one of the funniest and kookiest looks at So-Cal culture back in the day. Pastels, big hair, surfer dudes, and pink cars are the norm in this wild and crazy…. chick flick? Even the opening credits are filled with graphics of spaceships and aliens from the 1930s-50s. Valerie (Geena Davis) is a nail technician engaged to a doctor, Ted, (Clearles Rocket) whom happens to be looking for his last fling before their wedding. After not giving into Valerie’s desires for two weeks, Valerie is troubled, and tells her best friend and co-worker, Candy (Julie Brown) about it, and the whole of the beauty shoppe, Curl Up & Dye, give her a blonde makeover to help her get a new perspective and to get Ted interest in her back. The plan backfires when Ted brings home a nurse from work, and the two women find out what he’s up to. Valerie kicks Ted out of the house, but on this same night, Earth is being watched by two furry, horny aliens Zeebo (Damon Wayans) and Wiploc (Jim Carrey) who are in the need of some female release. They pickup a signal from a TV station broadcasting an advertisment for an aerobics class in Hollywood, and find the hairless females of earth to be very exotic and pleasing. They lose the signal, and come closer to Hollywood. The next morning they are hovering over Valerie’s backyard watching her as she’s tanning. They fight over the scope, and cause their little spaceship to crash in the pool, which wakes up the ship’s captain, Mac (Jeff Goldblum). Valerie thinks she’s hallucinating, and tries to swim through the spaceship, and there begins the real story when Mac rescues her after hitting her head on the spaceship.