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Gettysburg – Same Land. Same God. Different Dreams. All Heroes.

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In 1993 a film came out that shocked the senses with its imagery and sheer brutal action sequences. There were no computer enhanced sequences, not glorified blood splattering, it was raw vivid showing of what war is. The battle scenes were so graphic that it brought many to tears and many to loose their lunch as well. It showed just how horrible war was. What it also showed was how brave soldiers can be when forced with knowing that they might not live the day. The film showed the courage that men face when they think that they are going to die yet go ahead anyway. This one battle was not wanted by either side yet it was going to happen no matter what they wanted. It was the bloodiest and most carnal battle of the Civil War and I do not believe that any other film has captured it as well as this one has.

RV : 8 Wheels. 1 Family. No Brakes.

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Bob Munro (Robin Williams) is a great sales pitchman for Pure Vibe soda, and he is very much used to the upper middle class lifestyle he enjoys, but his family, Jamie (Cheryl Hines), Cassie (Jojo), and Carl (Josh Hutcherson) has been growing apart over the years. The kids are now in their teens, and have their own lives, and Bob rarely gets to see them any more. Bob has promised his family a vacation in Hawaii, but after a mishap at a social function for the company in which Cassie’s friend, Gretchen (Veronika Sztopa) slimes Bob’s boss, Todd Mallory (Will Arnett) in a protest, Bob’s job is on the line unless he can come up with a presentation that will floor the owners of Alpine Soda. Todd gives Bob a tight deadline to come up with a pitch to get Alpine to merge with Pure Vibe. The Hawaii vacation has been scrubbed, because Bob needs to be in Boulder, Colorado for the meeting, or he will lose his job to Laird (Richard Cox), a green little corporate weasel that Todd thinks is the hip new mind that can move his company forward.