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Smiling Pasta

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

We’ve seen these types of time management games before. Small town niche restaurant is going to be taken over by big corporate chain, etc. Smiling Pasta really is not all that different. We put together ingredients in a match 3 puzzle, using some little buffs here and there to make the pasta dishes faster. We go to a store in between rounds to get new recipes and upgrades. Our clients/customers look rather plastic, and you can really only tell their impatience by a flat look or a frown. When they are really getting impatient, a big red “!” goes up over their faces. You can give them sweets and coffee to calm them down (or speed them up, giving them a nice sugar/caffeine buzz! No wonder they are happier!), but it still does not distract from the plastic look of the clients and the restaurants themselves. Even the corporate suits look plastic. It was clear that more time was put into the game mechanics and the great music than the graphics. That is the one plus side. The background music started off in the game sounding a bit like something from a kawaii kid’s anime, but as you went further along in rounds, the music changed, and you got to hear some great rockin’ tunes, and some amazing jazzy beats. If they had put as much effort into the graphics as they did the sound, Musings would be giving this a much better score. Also, like mentioned before, Smiling Pasta played like a cookie cutter of other match 3/time management games like Burger Rush and Asami’s Sushi Shop, so if you already have either of these games or ones like them, you really should not have to bother with Smiling Pasta.