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Soldier (1998)

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In 1996 a bold experiment and plan was put into motion. Infants were selected at birth to be a new breed of soldier. They would be trained to be able to do just one thing and that would be to be able to kill and do it well. They would have no conscience just the duty to follow the orders that were given to them by their commanding officer. They were trained in all forms of combat and if one of them fell behind in their training they would be killed to make the unit stronger. They would be the future of modern warfare where soldiers would kill soldiers and you would not have to worry about your children having to joining the military, unless they were chosen at birth, of course.

The Patriot : Some things are worth fighting for.

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Even though this movie came out over ten years ago, it seems to be striking home now more than ever, when our politics have gone haywire. Sometimes, it’s good to pull these retro DVDs down and remember what we celebrate ID4 for, and it has nothing to do with alien annihilation. Though annihilation of tyranny from overseas, that is another story, and this is where The Patriot comes into play.

Peter Pan (2003)

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One of the best versions of the childhood classic to date. It feels more alive and more like the feelings you would have as a child when you view this film. It is a true masterpiece of family entertainment with action, romance and just plain fun with pixie dust. You even get to see the truly devious nature of the little fairy that every child loves, so be prepared to tell your little princesses that everything is going to be alright. Tinkerbell is not all fun and loving, she is a jealous imp that would even participate in murder to keep Peter Pan (Jeremy Sumpter) all to himself. If you think about it Pan has his Hook and Wendy has her Tinkerbell, both Captain Hook (Jason Isaacs) and Tink want to see their rivals dead and gone so they can never bother them again. If you don’t believe me then watch the film and read the book to see for yourself how much of a little devil she really can be.