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Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country (1991)

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This time the Enterprise is not the only ship in the quadrant, it is the only ship that has James T. Kirk. The Klingons are in trouble and they need to make peace with the Federation to be able to survive as a people, the survival of its race. It is up to the crew of the Enterprise to escort the Klingon delegation to earth for peace talks but something totally unexpected happens along the way. In a nut shell that is the plot of about the first 20 minutes of the film. That is one hell of a long lead in to get the film going but it is worth the wait. And the waiting part isn’t that bad as well, though parts are annoying.

Star Trek The Motion Picture

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In 1979 everyone was talking about Star Trek, the series had been canceled but fans around the world had the space shuttle named Enterprise and they petitioned for new shows and of course for movies. Growing up on reruns of the show that were filmed when I was a child watching on a new brand new expensive 10 in black and white TV, I was thrilled that there were going to be more done with the series. That was the past and this is now, a time when many people just don’t have an appreciation for what gave them the blockbuster hit Star Trek staring Chris Pine. I hope this review and others that follow will show just how dedicated fans can be to get something done.