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Maverick: In their hands, a deck of cards was the only thing more dangerous than a gun.

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This is the tale of Bret Maverick (Mel Gibson), a charming gambling man who can hustle cards with the best of them, on land or sea, or in this case, the river. We find Bret in a very strange predicament. He is backwards on his horse in the desert with a noose around his neck, reflecting on how he got there. A few days before, he was on the hunt for the cash owed to him by a few friends on his way to a $25,000 entry fee, winner takes all poker tournament that is starting in St. Louis within the week. He runs into a nasty hombre, Angel (Alfred Molina), and his goons, but this would not be their only meeting. Bret goes to the bank to get the money owed him from the manager, Eugene. The bank is closed, so he goes to the saloon. There he joins a poker game in progress. The players are Angel, Southern Belle Mrs. Annabelle Bransford (Jodie Foster), Johnny Hardin (Max Perlich), and and few others. The players are not too trusting of Bret, so to make the game fair, he promises to lose for an hour. They all agree, and when the hour is up, Bret is on fire, and soon gets accused of cheating by Angel. Bret explains to everyone that he was learning their tells and signals during that losing hour. Angel is livid, and means to teach Bret a lesson. When they get outside, four other men accost them, and say that they have to give Bret a beat-down first. What Angel does not know is that Bret had a feeling he would be running into Angel again, so he set up this act to save his own butt. It cost him $100, but it was worth it, except that his good shirt has been soiled.

Atlantis The Lost Empire

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From Walt Disney animators we have an exciting tale about a young man on a quest to prove that his grandfather, the one who raised him after his parents death, is not some crazy explorer that didn’t know what he was talking about. You know how it is, unless you have something that is more then real to shove in a persons face and up everyone’s collectiveness they are not going to believe that it even happened. That is the kind of men he is working for at a museum in Washington D.C. shortly after the turn of the 20th century. An age of discovery when everyone was looking for something to make a name for themselves. The one thing that the Thatch men have been looking for is the Shepherd’s Journal.

My Fellow Americans (1996)

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In a fictional Washington DC, where the old war between Republicans and Democrats never end, we watch as an 11-year span of history takes two ex-presidents, a cheap, penny-pinching tightwad of a Republican,President Russell P. Kramer (Jack Lemmon) and a philandering ladies’ man of a Democrat,President Matt Douglas (James Garner), and puts them together in a race against time to clear Kramer’s name when the new president, President William Haney (Dan Akroyd) whom was vice-president when Kramer was in office, tries to pin a scandalous kickback he took from a contractor, Charlie Reynolds (James Rebhorn), during Kramer’s administration. Washington news busybody, Kaye Griffin (Sela Ward), leaks the word that there is some kind of shady dealings in Kramer’s past, and the Democrats are looking to play this up with some shady dealings of their own. Some mayhem and murder occurs during a state function in which all three presidents are in attendance, in which Charlie Reynolds winds up getting shot in the head by a drive-by shooting. The two ex-presidents leave town to attend a retired general’s funeral, and as they leave, they are summoned to Camp David by President Haney, but this is a setup by someone in Haney’s administration to stop Kramer and Douglas from doing any more investigating about the kickback from Reynolds. The are picked up in a chopper, and then get caught up in a whirlwind race from North Carolina to Ohio to prove Kramer’s innocence. On the run from the feds that were originally sworn to protect them, and with no cash on hand, they find the most unlikely allies in the real Americans they run into along the way. No matter where they turn, it seems that whoever is trying to do them in is always one step ahead of them, so they have to be just as crafty when trying to find evidence to turn against them. These two old eagles remember that saying “Age and treachery will always out do youth and skill”, and do they ever! This was a great film to watch on Presidents’ Day, and I love Washington movies, so this was no exception. I highly recommend this at times when we get a bit too carried away with our political process to remind all of us Americans of how silly it all can be.