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Leap Year : Anna planned to propose to her boyfriend on February 29th. This is not her boyfriend.

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Leap-Year-2010-Movie-Poster-Art Anna Brady (Amy Adams) seems to have it all. A great, well-paying job in Boston as a real estate stager, a cardiologist boyfriend, and access to great resources. The only problem with the boyfriend, Jeremy (Adam Scott) is that he has not asked Anna to marry him. They have been together for four years, and now with the opportunity to move into an exclusive high-end apartment complex comes up, Anna is getting anxious about Jeremy’s seemingly lack of commitment.

While shopping for a cocktail dress, Anna’s friend, Libby (Kaitlin Olson) comes in to tell her that she saw Jeremy at a very posh jewelry store, and that he might be popping the question on their date tonight. Later that day, while having a drink with her father, Jack Brady (John Lithgow) at a local pub, she mentions that she is very close to getting engaged. Her father tells her of a tradition in Ireland that if a woman asks a man to marry her on February 29, Leap Day, he must accept. Anna feels confident that she should not have to do this. Dinner comes around, and the little box that was supposed to have a diamond ring in it contains lovely diamond earrings instead. Anna is let down, but keeps her spirits up. As it turns out, Jeremy is going to Ireland for a doctors’ convention. She might just have to use the old legend to her advantage, after all.

Irish Jam

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A film that didn’t get enough attention as it deserved was Irish Jam. It is a funny film with lots of laughs, mismatched loves and a new love of Ireland, even if it was filmed in Cornwall. This film will have you wanting to be a bit green with Irish even if you don’t want to be. The town of Ballywood, Ireland is about to be repossessed and the community needs to find some help. The only place that isn’t mortgaged is that of the local pup, Finnigan’s. Its their ace in the hole, maybe their only way out, it is something that they can actually use. With the pup as backing they have ads posted in news papers in the United States for a contest. Send a poem and 5 dollars to Ballywood and have a chance to win a authentic Irish Pub. Actually a sound strategy when you have not other choice to save a town.

The MatchMaker (1997)

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Aside from the strong language, this romantic comedy is really cute, and is one I come back to time and again. Marcy Tizard (Janeane Garofalo) is a cynical campaign worker for Senator John McGlory (Jay O. Sanders), an incumbent running for reelection in Boston. The Senator is a good man, but he has had problems sticking to certain issues in the past, and these little mini-scandals are coming to bite him during this election season. Since Boston has such a heavy Irish population, the senator’s slick campaign manager, Nick (Denis Leary) is looking to play up the Irish ethnic factor of the senator’s roots. They send Marcy to Ballinagra, supposedly the town in Ireland where the McGlorys came from in the 1930s. What Marcy does not know about about Ballinagra is that she has come to the town during the week of the annual Matchmaking Festival, and the town is in chaos from all the people coming in from all over the world trying to get the ultimate hook-up.