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Sniglet of the Day : September 23

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Sniglet Of The DayRandicapped: A man who is so visibly desperate to score that all potential mates are scared off.

We’ve all seen these guys, the name-droppers, the lame-droppers, guys who are so ready to get some, getting so pushy, that he won’t even have a chance with desperate women due to the fact that he is scaring them away. These guys are the randicapped. They could be slick and slimy lounge lizards or nerdy RPG wizards. When they find their way to a club, all bets are off for him, but on for everyone else when they bet on if he will hook up or not.

Sadly, in our information society, even the randicapped might have a chance of making that hook up, but most likely via a webcam date. There has got to be a place for these sad and horny guys, but some of them might surprise us all. They could be simply testing out new social media, or using the oldest lines on the planet that even the Permian period dinosaur males wouldn’t use. They might even be potential porn stars, if they can get past the audition that is reality. Really? Good luck with that.