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Sniglet of the Day : April 2

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Sniglet Of The DayPEDAERATION (ped air ay’ shun) n. Perfect body heat achieved by having one leg under the sheet & one hanging off the edge of the bed.

With the weather getting warmer for most of the country, we are going to be experiencing more pedaeration, especially in the summer. Don’t know why this sleeping technique is so comfortable. One would think we would want to lose an extra blanket, at the very least, but somehow, that summertime airflow just works this way. If one owns pets, this could be a dangerous thing to do. A foot dangling off the bed is a target for cats who might see those toes as little balls that need to be pounced on.
Some claws in the foot, and…. so much for that perfect good nights sleep. Sometimes one might want to cool off by just covering the one part of the body that always stays cold, like the shoulders or the behind or back. Pedaeration is a selective process, and no matter how one does it, given the situation and the weather, the humidity, or the lack of it, pedaeration is going to look different on everyone. So, be careful how you use it. So long as you can get through those summer nights without being scathed by cat claws or having your puppy chew on your toes, your good night’s sleep is pretty well secure.