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Kobe Seafood & Steak Restaurant

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As this is my first restaurant review for Musings, I thought I start with a place that is tried and true, and never ceases to deliver. Kobe Seafood & Steak Restaurant on 23rd St. in Panama City is one our favorite dining out spots, and conveniently located right down the street from the Carmike 10 Cinemas and the Regency 11 Theaters. Combine this with Kobe, and you are set for the dinner and a movie outing.

Kobe features all kinds of exotic drinks, and your old cocktail favorites, plus sake in different flavors, served hot or cold. The appetizers are commonly known, like tempura and gyoza, plus the sushi is just incredible! I recommend highly the black and green dragons, especially to those who love their sushi with a Caribbean flair. Kobe takes the best of Japanese and Florida and brings them together in a taste that locals and those stationed at Tyndall Air Force Base love, and the tourists can brag home about. The feature also the standard hibachi four-course meal, from fish soup to a spiced banana dessert. The seafood is always fresh, and the steaks are as good as they can get. Add some rice, steamed or fried, and some fresh veggies, and you’ll be very satisfied.