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Trivia Machine Reloaded

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

While this trivia game was not much to look at or listen to, it was addictive and fun as all get-out! It was a real challenge to pick my brain for answers to questions about certain topics, and find out just how out of touch I was with pop culture, but I was right on with current events, science, history and geography. You get 20 chances to screw up, but the more questions you get right, the longer the game will last. I saw some players with scores in the 1,000,000 plus range on the global scoreboard. I had only played for an hour, but I was glad to see that I never got the same question twice, and I sometimes felt like a real idiot for not know things about certain bands or TV shows, but hell, I grew up in the 80s, so maybe I should go play The 80s Game with Martha Quinn, which is another great trivia game. There really is nothing trivial about holding onto all that great information in your head, and when someone is amazed that you can ramble off your driver’s license or credit card numbers and expiration dates without looking at them, you just chalk it up to using a little part of your brain that they hadn’t. So use that little section now, and play Trivia Machine Reloaded, but try not to stay up all night doing so. It is so easy to do!

Monument Builder: Eiffel Tower

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Fun Factor:★★★★¼ 

One of the most iconic buildings in the world, this game has you building the Eiffel Tower itself for the worlds fair in 19th century Paris. You get to see and move through the streets in a game where you have to get the job on time and manage the resources to be able to do it. Each level gives you an increasing challenge and things to do before you are able to move on. Interestingly enough it actually has you collecting the raw materials in an almost real world way. As in the real world, once the items are made you have to ship them out to the site for construction. You are the one in charge of it all in Monument Builder: Eiffel Tower

American History Lux

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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

If you are a big fan of Risk, then you cannot pass up the opportunity to take on American History Lux! This takes us to every conflict in American history, from the French and Indian war thru The American Revolution, other internal conflicts, as well as both World Wars and even Iraq. This Risk-type format is great for strategists, and those who just love history. Even speculators can get a gist of “What if…” when the campaigns don’t go the directions they turned out to go. Move your armies, fortify regions, and take on the everyone who has tried to give the US forces the worst, from the French colonists and Iroquois federation, to the Viet Cong and the Iraqi Republican Guard. With each campaign you win, you are given new orders to take on a new conflict, but you will not be able to move up the timeline until your forces win. You just won’t be able to take on Hamburger Hill before the Battle of Bunker Hill. No time-jumping in this game. The only time you might lose will be the time used in whiling away the hours with new strategies to take on the world in American History Lux.

Revolution in Egypt : An Opinion

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After reading on the Internet and watching events unfold on the TV for the past week I feel that something has to be said that is more then just out of the mouth of a reporter, as a person looking from the outside in. This is an opinion of what is happening as I see it. If you don’t like what I have to say then that is your opinion.

First and foremost this no longer looks like just simple demonstrations but an actual verbal attack on the government and cries for the government to change on a drastic level. So what is a revolution? In the United States the citizens were tired of being told what to do and tired of paying what they felt was an unfair tax, so they told the English Empire to shove it and to leave them alone. We had that luxury as we were half way around the world but what do you do when it is in the country’s back yard? It starts just as it is starting in Egypt right now. We are seeing citizens attacking anything that the government stands for, the police and government buildings. They are not touching anything they consider to be part of their heritage, they are even trying to protect that heritage. So what is a revolution: