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Disturbing Trend With Foods

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Recently I have started to have a sensitivity to highly refined corn sugars, namely Dextrose and HFC otherwise known as High Fructose Corn-syrup. These highly refined products did not used to be in everything that we eat, it is only since the mid 90’s that we saw it show up more and more. Back then it was not such a big deal because it was only in a few things that we ate and they were consumed only occasionally. After the turn of the century though that all changed. It started to show up in just about everything that you eat and they told us that it was just another type of sugar that would be good for us, that it was less harmful then the other sugars.

Yeah, right….

More Stupid Politics about Foods and Jobs

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Recently on the news we all heard about how Congress is loosing its collective brains as they had to decide if a slice of pizza was a vegetable or not. Well with a slice of pizza I see a lot of dairy and some grain and that is about it but they say that it is indeed a vegetable. Because of this they have blocked any reforms that the FDA and Agricultural Department might have been able to do with the school lunch programs. They have legislated that our kids eat as much junk as possible and just like getting jobs for America, they just don’t care about it.

Sniglet of the Day : September 7

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Sniglet Of The DayRiceroach (RYS rohch) – n. The burnt krispie in every bowl of Rice Krispies.

So, you’ve got your butter, marshmallows, hopefully an off brand without dextrose in them, and a box of some kind of Rice Krispies clone, without high fructose corn syrup in them. (Dollar General’s Clover Valley brand is a good choice), and you are ready to mix up a batch of some not so sinful crispy rice treats, but what is that little brown fleck sitting in that Pyrex measuring cup? That is a riceroach. It is not a bug, and it is harmless. It really messes with the look of your treats if you can’t get it out, but there are ways to hide it. You can fold the crispies up tight enough so they don’t show, or simply add a bag of chocolate chips. Or you can consider the fact that everyone knows that riceroaches are are going to show up in every box of crispy rice cereal, and some of them might like that slightly charcoaled flavour of them. No matter how you take care of the riceroach, just remember that it can add or take away from your crispy treat experience. Since a batch of crispy rice treats tend not to last any more than an hour anyway, if anyone does come across a riceroach, they most likely won’t care or even notice.

Sniglet of the Day : August 17

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Sniglet Of The DayRocktose (ROK tohs) – n. The hard lumps that block the pouring spouts of sugar dispensers.

You know dextrose, and sucrose, and high fructose corn syrup…. Stevia, aspartame, xylitol and saccharin, but to you recall the most annoying sweetener of all? It’s rocktose! Those lumps of rock candy-wannabes that populate the counters of diners and coffeeshops around the world, daring you to try to sweeten your coffee or tea with the remaining granules of sugar that are sitting at the bottom of the glass and stainless steel cylinder. That little covered hole at the top can only let so much sugar out, and rocktose refuses to budge through that slot. So, do you really want to fight the rocktose, or maybe this might be the time to drink your tea or coffee unsweetened or black, which really isn’t such a bad idea. Do you really want to trust some kind of cane or beet sugar that has turned to a hunk of rocktose? You could try some laboratory-created sweetener, but you know it just won’t taste right. So, take on the rocktose if you must. This just might be what Fred Flintstone sweetened his coffee with, literally!

Todays Twitter TT…. Corn!

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I’m so pumped that this happened today! What a wonderful opportunity to get the information out there and let the world know about the dangers of high fructose corn syrup, and all the other names it might have! Join in the fun at Twitter and check out all the great links to learn more about the science of the dangers of HFSC, and the natural recipes to avoid it. The technology and nature gods are working together. Let’s back them up!