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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Take a Match 3 puzzle game, add some high fantasy adventure, and you get Herofy! Choose your hero or heroine, and journey through your enchanted kingdom, finding treasure, and fighting monsters that block your way as you remove blocks in revolving Match 3 puzzles that challenge you along the way. You’ll fight skeletons, ogres, trolls, and other nasty creatures as your little avatar slips and slides along the gameboard of Herofy. Sometimes the treasure chest contain the only keys that will get you out of the current level, so you have to be careful when turning and twisting the board, else your hero finds themselves lost, and you will have to do some tricky navigation to get them back on track. The graphics are pretty basic, and the soundtrack is dead average for a fantasy puzzle game, but getting your hero to where he or she needs to be can be a challenge in itself. If you are wanting to while away the hours this weekend with a fun Match 3 puzzler, take on Herofy for a few hours, and keep both your sword and wits sharp!