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X-Men First Class : Everything Has A Begining

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This film shows us what the possible origins are of some of our favorite comic book heroes and villains. We even see from extrapolation the origins of others as well that are not even in the film just by seeing the powers that are used by others in the film. It is truly amazing how many heroes were made just because Charles Xavier, Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and Magneto met and became friends. It is had not been for his experiences at the hands of the Nazis, Erik Lehnsherr might have actually been a force for good instead of just a convenience for good while he was seeking revenge.

Sniglet of the Day : January 11

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Sniglet Of The DayDecaflon (n.): The grueling event of getting through the day consuming only things that are good for you.

There are many of you across the world at this time whom are currently going through this grueling event. Thanks to the ritual known as “New Years Resolutions”, there are nations full of unhappy people taking on the Decaflon every day, wondering how long it will take before they break down and guzzle down a corny-syrupy filled soda pop, a potato chip, or a decadent little chocolate. It is January 11th, and if your Decaflon has lasted this long, you have amazing willpower. If it hasn’t, then you’re pretty much a normal person. Decaflon is an event that can only be truly taken on by dedicated health nuts, desparate celebrities, and super-human athletes. Even super heroes and villains give into the breaking point of the Decaflon. Give into your craving for something bad, a remember that you are pretty much normal, because this life has too much going on it to worry about how many calories one might consume while eating a scoop of Chunky Monkey. So long as all the ingredients of what you consume are of a good quality, and not developed in a lab somewhere, it should be okay in moderation. Decaflon is not an event for the weak, and even though who appear to be able to take on its challenge most likely won’t. Be a normal person, and let the Decaflon defeat you.