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TV Farm 2

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

We did review the original TV Farm awhile back, and it was cute, but there have been many changes in this sequel. Kawaii-ness gives over to efficiency to make for a far more enjoyable game. Mary, out hostess, has become far more comfortable with her job, and now we don’t focus on working through the season so much as working with different kinds of terrains and climates.

We start with a temperate heartland, then work our way through deserts, jungles, and even arctic conditions to grow crops and make goods for the farmers’ markets, like flavoured popcorns, salsa, and even wine. There are many variations and directions this farm experiment can go in, and the changes are a very good thing. Your technology builds as your farms do, and you go from growing simple staples like corn and tomatoes to more exotic fruits and vegetables, and use them all. To get upgrades for your machines and transports, you earn tech points and certain amounts of points can be used to make your machines and workers faster and stronger.
TV Farm 2 was created with a far wiser kind of gameplay than TV Farm, and it works well. The only downside was the unrealistic time frames to do the tasks to earn a gold star for the levels in. Once you find the pattern, it gets easier, so try to be patient through the first few levels.

The Crop Circles Mystery

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FunFactor: ★★★★☆ 

Somewhere out in the heartland, storms are not the only thing ripping farms to shreds, as Jane and her brother, Joe soon find out after a nasty frontline comes roaring across their farm. This game is an interesting sort of hidden object mystery and logic puzzles, but with a cartoony kind of twist, and a little business sense added. You search through storm-torn farms looking not only looking for clues to what is making those odd but perfectly proportioned circles. You are also looking for items to sell as the local farmers market since life must go on, and some supposedly alien activity won’t do anything to keep a roof over the old farmhouse. Not only will Jane find clues on her own farm, but at the local offices, but on neighboring farms along the way. The Crop Circles Mysteryis a story ripped from the headlines of any supermarket tabloid, and has made its way to your computer. Are there really aliens hovering over the heartland, cutting into corn fields and wheat plantations? Jane will eventually find out. but not without some help from us along the way. Even the tiniest scrap of paper might be a clue to why these critters love our cereal grains. Play The Crop Circles Mystery and find out what is going on out there tonight.