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Sniglet of the Day : June 6

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Sniglet Of The DayHawaska – In an atlas, the rectangular box which contains Hawaii and Alaska and is located just off the coast of Arizona.

With summer road trips comes the purchase of atlases, mostly the spiral-bound kind with the state road maps. Hawaska is commonly found not only in these, but regular world atlases, too. If you open the atlas to the page featuring the whole of the U.S., you will find Hawaska in a place it never would show up on any standard globe. Somehow, Hawaska ended up in its own little plane of existence, in little boxes, to the southwest of Arizona. So how do we get to Hawaska? Is there some kind of teleporter pad that takes us to the places in those little boxes? Hawaska only does exist in atlases, and is used as a reference, but it is not known how cartographers got into the practice of putting these states in little individul boxes or why they decided that it was southwest of Arizona, when clearly, the only thing that is southwest of Arizona is the Baja California region of Mexico. Certainly Hawaska is bigger than Baja California, but not on multi-coloured paper. So go to Hawaii this winter, or Alaska this summer, but don’t expect them to be in the places that the maps say they are.