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Luxor HD

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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

Luxor HD takes us back to the basics of Luxor, when it was a pure marble popping adventure, without the variable levels that looked similar to old arcade games, with the levels that were easy, and the ones that were frustrating as could be, peppered throughout the game. Filled with beautiful Kemetic graphics and outstanding sound, Luxor HD makes playing this updated version of the retro Luxor bright and new, and completely a fresh experience for fans of the Luxor series, old and new. Go from a lowly farmhand, and rise in the ranks as the Gods of the Nile place challenges in your path as you help them battle the evil Set and his minions to save Upper and Lower Egypt from his wrath. This is the ultimate puzzle popper game, and great for anyone who is into Egyptian mythology and lore. The puzzles feature some of the best known legends or the region, including the Inundation of the Nile, and the Revenge of Khufu, as if he has anything to be vengeful about. You might find references to Hathor, Thoth, and other well known deities, pharoahs, and queens, like Cleopatra and Hatshepsut. If you get easily addicted to puzzle/strategy games, then Luxor HD will just blow you away.

Eternal Night: Realm of Souls

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FunFactor: ★★★☆☆ 

This was one very strange game, and it felt not unlike being inside one of those episode of the Yugioh cartoon where the students get caught inside the puzzles, or when they do a flashback to Yugi’s time as a pharoah in Egypt. In Eternal Night: Realm of Souls, you are chosen to go into the realm of the gods to find out why there has been a plague of darkness set on the land for the last ten days. Here you meet with Anubis, Set, and other various gods from the Kemetic pantheon, and take on the mystery of why Set has kidnapped Ra, the sun god, and how to rescue Ra. The graphics are colourful, but strange. Hathor appears as a giant harp, and your have to search though gardens and other puzzles to find a way to make the vegetation of Egypt grow again. Anyone who is really into Egyptology would enjoy this game, as it deals with situations and characters normally not found in basic archaeology studies, nor in any Mummy movies.