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Ridge Racer

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Ridge Racer for the PSP is like taking the game on the go. I play this game at the laundromat or at doctor’s office waiting for my mom. This game has more levels and more cars than the other does.
The gameplay does runs like RR 6 & 7, but this game came out before the other two did. This game is the first game that uses NOS in the RR series. This game will get harder and harder later on in this game, but fun to play. The graphics look pretty good for a PSP game. The game good details and amazing textures in this game. It almost look RR 5 from the PS2, but more but updated. This game is called Ridge Racer, but for me I want to call it Ridge Racer 5.5 or 5v2.

Dark Shadows : Every Family Has Its Demons

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Dark-Shadows-2012-Blu-Ray-CoverI never got to watch the original Dark Shadows back in the day. I was living in Columbus, Ohio, at the time, and WOSU Channel 34 PBS did not pick it up. If it did, it was most likely on at some hour that seven-year-old schoolgirl would not be watching. As I grew older, and learned of the shows that were getting imported to PBS from across the pond, I took an instant liking to Doctor Who. The Tomorrow People left me confused, and Upstairs, Downstairs did the same, even though my mother really liked it. All through the 80s, when I lived in Central Florida, the gothic geeks raved about this show, but I still never got to see it, and now that I’ve seen this Tim Burton version of it, I know there has to something more that what was on this surface of what could only be a parody of the actual show. I’ve watched my share of British TV shows, and this one was very Americanized for the big screen.

Luxor Evolved

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Anyone who grew up during the arcade days of the early 1980s is going to love this game! Guilty as charged. Seriously, I was one of those kids who played for hours at the Malibu Grand Prix down in Orlando back in the day. Well, all those great game of my later teens have come back to haunt me in such a good way. MumboJumbo has taken one of its best selling series, and spliced it together with all our favourite arcade hits for Luxor Evolved.

This is one game I could truly not get enough of, and the only thing that seemed to be missing from the atmosphere was the hard rock or New Wave music and the scent of freshly baked waffle cones in the air. Both of those are easy enough to come by, if you have Sirius Radio or a pizzelle maker and the right recipe. Getting back your favourite arcade games from back in the day, not so much, but now you can have them all in one great marble popping game, and spend just as many hours playing them, but not nearly as many quarters. So if you think a little time-traveling might be in order this weekend, and you want to feel Totally Awesome! Go download Luxor Evolved right now.