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Saints Row: The Third

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Saints Row: The Third is kind of like GTA, but even better. Saints Row: The Third has lots of action, blown up cars, getting cool weapons, lot of sexiness, and even more. This game blows GTA, Skyrim, and even Fallout 3, away. You are not fighting dragons, out in the wasteland, or playing a main character. In this game, you can make character and have fun playing the game. My character is a Japanese anime girl. She is a pretty good to play. The voice actor remind me of Rayne from BloodRayne.

This is the first Saints Row game that I played in the series. I heard this game is right after Saints Row 2. This game has mini games, main missions, and side missions. This game will take you a long time to beat. Yes, this game is open world. There is one thing weird about this game. some times, you have to use a giant sex toy to beat people with. Yes, you will run into alot of sex toys in this game. This game does have some funny parts, but most of it is action.

Jak II

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Jak 2
Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Jak II is similar to GTA, but Jak is the good guy in this one. Jak and his friends are using some kind a portal that transports them to the future. This didn’t turn out right. When Jak arrived in the future, he got arrested, even though he did nothing wrong. Two years later, Baron Praxis use Jak as a experiment. Praxis is like the people up in Washington D.C. who didn’t give a damn. He want sacrifices and war. He is like Rick Santorum. He pumped some dark ego into Jak. Now, Jak has turned into a Dark Warrior. Daxter came to help Jak to escape from the the baron’s prison. They did escape from the prison. Now, Jak and Daxter are helping out the people of Haven City, defeat Beron Praxis, and defeat the metal head army. Could he save the people of Haven City? Find out when you are playing Jak II!