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Grimoire Chronicles

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Fifteen years ago, I would have been so all over this turn-based RPG game, since that was the days when Final Fantasy ruled the console market, but now they seem pretty retro, and many of them are still lots of fun, but Grimoire Chronicles isn’t one of them. Storyline includes bigotry against magic-users, witch-hunts, rebel factions, a steampunk-based society, and old-fashioned 16-bit graphics. There is snarky dialogue that might make the player emit a giggle now and then, but the characters are sort of stereotypical, and the monsters do not offer much of a challenge.

One of the things that is common in these 90s-style RPGs is that magic and health come back to full when the characters rest. It did not happen here, which was even more of a let-down. The devs at Warfare Studios let this one go too soon. Apparently they did not research how these kinds of games were supposed to work, and just let it go to the casual games sites in hope of getting in on some kind of nostalgic video market. Grimoire Chronicles could have been so much better. If you are looking to play a 90s RPG game, download a copy of Seiken Denetsu 3. You’ll enjoy it far more.