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Sniglet of the Day :October 24

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Sniglet Of The DayGurple (gur’ pul) n. – : A gray-ish purple color.

Eventually, all the Play-Doh in your child’s various little molds and canisters will become one colour, and that is gurple. Gurple is pretty common in some things. It is what Play-Doh becomes when you mix them all together. It is also the colour of those stiff, institutional blankets that they wrap people in in an emergency. It tends to be what comes from the dryer lint trap when we clean it.

There is very little food out there that is gurple, which is a very good thing, since it is the most unappetizing hue. Gurple is also seen in old 1980s cartoons like Care Bears and Rainbow Brite. It tends to be the variant of evil in these little worlds, as opposed to Midnight Black or Blood Red. Looking for a villain? Check the lands with the gurple skies, but make sure you don’t stay there too long. Who knows what kinds of nefarious deeds might be going on? Gurple is about as bland and murky as it gets, and we will never see any kid wearing it, no matter what they say. So, keep your Play-doh’s separated, and you will avoid the gurple.