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Grandma’s Boy : A movie that proves your never to old to come of age.

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Anyone whom is a fan of the Scooby-Doo movies and video games will really enjoy this crazy comedy about a thirty-something videogame tester that find his way out of dire straits in an unconventional way. Allen Covert is Alex, a weed-toking dude that live for video games. He is also the oldest tester at his game development company. He can take on any of the many young geeks he works with in any game, but a new game comes into play when a new executive comes in to look over the ending stages of a new game to hit the market soon. Linda Cardellini is Samantha, a pretty woman with a knack for games, and knows how to deal with the virginal crew she has to work with, including the brilliant, but very strange genius, J.P. (Joel David Moore) whose game designs are what the company is best known for.