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Tenchi Forever! The Movie : Haruka naru omoi (1999)

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Tenchi Forever! The Movie – Tenchi Muyo in Love 2 – Distant Memories is first and foremost an oriental ghost story. In film and story an Oriental Ghost Story is one where the hero, the main character is drawn into a world that is not his own and usually by the whiles of a very attractive female spirit. This might sound like one hell of a good time but the spirit has only one thing in mind and that is its own satisfaction. For a while the victim, yes victim, is kept happy and complacent while the ghost or spirit has their way with them. If there person were to ever wake up the illusion that the spirit had made for the two of them would be broken and the hero able to escape. Since the main character is not actually doing this of their own free will you could call this the ultimate date rape as the spirit does what every they want and the hero has no choice or will do do anything other then what the spirit wants. It is very important to know and realize this as you watch any of the oriental ghost story type films. They are about ultimate pleasure but ultimate captivity as well.

Spirit Seasons: Little Ghost Story

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FunFactor: ★★★★☆ 

This was a fun kind of hidden object game, with a sort Scooby-Doo/cartoon feel to it. Your car breaks down in front of Blindhill Manor, which is 80 miles from anywhere, and you meet with Agatha, the ghost of a little girl who died there. Use little logic puzzles and hidden objects to find what you need to learn about the creepy old butler, and how Agatha died. We have come across many of these mystery games, but for some reason, it is a subject matter people never get tired of, no matter how long they have been writing mysteries, or trying to piece clues together to find answers. This time, you do not play as a character, but as yourself, and you see everything from your own point of view. I found that kind of refreshing. Not many casual games are made like that, and more should be. Also, for a ghost story, this game, this game is not nearly as dark as other ghostly games are.

The Stroke of Midnight

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FunFactor: ★★★☆☆ 

This dark game is beautifully done, with a great score, and wonderful smooth animations that guide you from one section to the next. The story of a writer with a creative block going to Eastern Europe to get some inspiration is a common theme in some movies, and it works well here. There is an issue that makes the game flawed. On certain puzzles, there is no reset, and you cannot continue unless you finish the puzzle, so your game is sort of frozen there. You can restart the game once you find out where you went wrong and fix that part of the puzzle where you made a mistake. On some puzzles, you get the option to skip the puzzle altogether if you get stuck. This game has an imbalance that needs to be fixed. It has a great storyline, and a paranormal plot that makes for a great ghost story, but this script would have been better used in a movie than in a casual game. Once the devs fix the puzzle problem and get a re-release out there, this game could be worth of 5 stars across the board.