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Howl’s Moving Castle : A Hayao Miyazaki Film

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We’ll celebrate the most celebrated animator, Hayao Miyazaki’s 70th birthday with a review of one of his best ever, Howl’s Moving Castle. this is one of the best movies Ghibli Studios has put out, which is really something, since they are all spectacular in their own right. Set in a 19th century steampunk nation of some sort in Europe, the focus is not the titular character, Howl(English VA, Christian Bale), an eccentric wizard, but to a plain young woman, Sophie(English VA, Emily Mortimer), who has the misfortune to cross his path one day and becomes the pawn of his enemies through magical means.

The Cat Returns (2002)

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Earlier, Cleave had posted a review of a wonderful Hayoa Miyazaki movie, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and I’m here to treat you to another. Any and every cat lover must own or at least have to see this movie! The Cat Returns is a story about a teen girl, Haru, who seems to be having a stream of bad luck. She’s running late for school due to little accidents, the boy she has a crush on has started dating someone new, and stupid little annoying things just keep happening to her. The movie takes place in a span of about three days. On this first day when we see Haru in her angsty state, she and her friend, Hiromi see a black cat carrying a package in its mouth and looking for traffic as he attempts to cross the street. Hiromi calls to the cat, tells him to watch out or he’ll get killed. About halfway across the street, he drops the package, and the light has turned green. A truck comes darting down the street, and is about to hit the cat, but Haru runs out into the street, and rescues him by scooping him up with a lacrosse stick, which causes the stick to break. This is where Haru’s luck changes from bad to just weird. The cat stands up on his two hind paws, and thanks her. Haru is amazed that the cat can talk, but Hiromi thinks she’s just been working too hard.