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Sniglet of the Day : October 4

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Sniglet Of The DayDILLRELICT (dil rel’ ikt) n. The last pickle in the jar that avoids all attempts to be captured.

Be they sweet gherkins or monster deli dills, there is always going to be one dillrelict in the pickle jar. You can use a fork, a set of tongs or salad spoons, or even a machete if the mouth of the jar is wide enough, but for some reason, in every pickle jar, there is one dimply cucumber floating around going “Nyah! Nyah! Nyah-Na Nyah!” while you play flatware tag with it. No matter, someone will eventually get it, or give up and that dillrelict will find itself in a landfill, or maybe, the person whom really wants that pickle might just drain all that garlicy vinegar and spices out of the jar, thus leaving the dillrelict no way to elude the snack-hungry person. Eventually, taming the dillrelict will go beyond a simple snack, and a hostess will want to make one of those lovely meat and cheese platters. What becomes the garnishes on those? Sweet pickles, olives, tiny toasts, and sometimes, even dills will be added to the mix. The dillrelict cannot evade capture in this case, and it has nowhere to go but between the ham roll-ups and the Baby Swiss swirls. Happy snacking, and way to go on catching the dillrelict!