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Royal Gems

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

When it comes to match 3 games, Royal Gems pretty much follows the typical line pattern, like in Magic Match, but before you do ANYTHING with this game, log into the options menu and turn the background music OFF. This will make it much easier to play the game, and you will not find yourself falling to sleep due to a far too relaxing drone of a repetitive tune. Now, get on into the game. You will be matching up icons that look like different kinds of gems, rubies, topaz, sapphires, emeralds, and such. You are given a specific task per puzzle. You need to find so many of a certain kind of stone, and sometimes, find different patterns of line links of gems.

Royal Envoy

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Ever play one of those games that you just don’t want to quit playing? Royal Envoy is just such a game as you don’t want to stop and when you do have to stop you find yourself thinking, “NOOOOooooooo!!!!”. It really is that fun to play. You are contracted by the King and the royal advisor to rebuild the island towns after a terrible storm. At first the king could care less until it is explained to him that if it were not for the islanders and the coming rainy season he would not have the finer things in his throne room. It really isn’t till it is explained to him that his shoes are made by the islanders that he really comes around and appoints you to make sure that the towns are rebuilt before the rainy season. He really doesn’t want to be without his favorite shoes. This is one game that you are going to find yourself wanting to play again and again.

Burger Rush

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Fun Factor:★★★★¼ 

This silly little match three game is a real charmer as you try and make sure that all of your customers are happy as you fill their orders. Seems simple enough at first and it is till you start getting into the higher levels of the game. You have to match up the items in the grid so that they can be used to fill the orders of the various customers that are coming into your shop. It is fast moving and as you progress you are able to get upgrades for you shop as well. There are several types of upgrades that you can get, each to be able to keep your customers happy and to make you extra funds along the way. You can even upgrade or purchase new recipes from the tokens that you find as your playing the game. Each level adds more customer types for you to placate as you attempt to fill their orders before they just walk out the door mad at you. It is a race against time and a race to find all the ingredients to put the orders together. Remember though that you can always pause the game and come back to it later if you find your eyes and heart racing and you are wanting to pull your hair out. In the end though, you will have fun with this fun little match three and time management game.

The Rocketeer (1991) A Tribute To The Past

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The Rocketeer was and is a tribute to the movie matinee reels of the past. A time when going to the movies was an adventure and an outing for the whole family and would last for several hours. This film captures that passion and patriotism of the past and serves it up to you in a thrilling action packed adventure.

This film is based in part on the comic book art of Dave Stevens who best known for his Bettie Page Comics as well as Elvira’s House Of Mystery. Since this is a Disney film we do not get all of the sexy and sexual overtones that are in Dave’s work but they do show off the women in this film as you would expect them to be in the late 1930’s. The director Joe Johnston was able to take the script for this film and turn it into a love letter to the past. A love of high adventure with futuristic fun where the good guy always gets the girl in the end. It is a shame that more films of this type were not done. You might know some of Johnston other work, Jumanji, Jarassic Park II, Hilalgo and others. He is also directing the upcoming Captain America film slated for this year, 2011. Just another reason to see another film from his past.

Welcome To Musings From Me

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I would like to thanks everyone who comes and visits this site. Here you will find musings on just about anything that I might think of. You will also find my reviews about websites, DVDs, Blu-rays, TV shows, music and what nots. You might even find some political and religious views and reviews as well. You never know what you might find here. I do promise though to be totally honest (at least I hope so) with you about what I think about something.

As I said there will be reviews about many things. If I find a book I like I will let you know about it and what I think of the author that wrote it, but I can be forgetful at times, so… What was I saying?

Just kidding