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Sniglet of the Day : August 7

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Sniglet Of The DayNapedexperts – those lucky kids who, when they get woken up to answer a problem, manage to answer it right.

School is right around the corner, and there will soon be a growing animosity for the napedexperts will start happening. This won’t happen so much in primary schools as with higher education. Somehow, those kids who have a full course load, along with sports and extracurricular activities, whether in high school or college, yet even with all the things they do, will come to exhaustion, usually in those early morning classes, or those mid-afternoon classes, where people in more enlightened nations might take a break from school or work for an hour for a siesta. These kids will perk right up when the teacher or professor catches them snoozing away, and blurt out the exact answer that the teacher is looking for. They might look a little boggle-eyed and surprised at not only being woken up, but also from being amazed at what they just did. These kids might also soon be the targets of ruler-launched eraser projectiles or spitballs later that day in the cafeteria. No matter who they are, the napedexperts, both male and female versions, are to be revered, not ridiculed. These brianiacs might be either signing your paychecks or programming your operating system software someday.