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TV Farm 2

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

We did review the original TV Farm awhile back, and it was cute, but there have been many changes in this sequel. Kawaii-ness gives over to efficiency to make for a far more enjoyable game. Mary, out hostess, has become far more comfortable with her job, and now we don’t focus on working through the season so much as working with different kinds of terrains and climates.

We start with a temperate heartland, then work our way through deserts, jungles, and even arctic conditions to grow crops and make goods for the farmers’ markets, like flavoured popcorns, salsa, and even wine. There are many variations and directions this farm experiment can go in, and the changes are a very good thing. Your technology builds as your farms do, and you go from growing simple staples like corn and tomatoes to more exotic fruits and vegetables, and use them all. To get upgrades for your machines and transports, you earn tech points and certain amounts of points can be used to make your machines and workers faster and stronger.
TV Farm 2 was created with a far wiser kind of gameplay than TV Farm, and it works well. The only downside was the unrealistic time frames to do the tasks to earn a gold star for the levels in. Once you find the pattern, it gets easier, so try to be patient through the first few levels.

Sniglet of the Day : June 30

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Sniglet Of The DayFlabbergasted – adj. Appalled over how much weight you have gained.

Barbeques, weddings, cook-outs, festivals… the many summer social scenes are just filled with all kinds of noms that we just can’t seem to get enough of, from steaks and ribs to frothy frozen daiquiris and all those juicy melons, summer treats are the best, but summertime can leave you feeling flabbergasted, maybe even more so than winter does. Summer treats can taste light and healthy, but combine those all those healthy fruits and vegetables with those charcoal-broiled meats and all those sides like coleslaw, potato salads, and deviled eggs, and you have an appetite for destruction that KISS never wrote a song about. It might just take a night at KISS concert, plus several other hard rock bands to burn off all those calories we have been consuming over the summer holidays. (Lost 4lbs in one night at an INXS concert, so it can be done!) So be flabbergasted if you want to be, because you have every right to be, thanks to Americana traditions. We can’t all be vegan hippies sipping on herbal teas and making do with salads made from organically grown ingredients, even though it might not be such a bad idea. The chances of becoming flabbergasted would drop dramatically.