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Gummy Drop!

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

This is a Free to Play game, but so addictive. If you have the patience to wait for your three turns, and the strategic mind to hold on to them, you will heartily enjoy this candy match 3 game that takes you around the world. New cities are added as the game is updated and upgraded. There are also tools that you can win or pay for if you don’t have the patience to wait for them to come along in daily events, lottery winnings, or other items.

You start in Sydney, and work your way westward, with various stops along the way in each town as you build up resources, like knowledge, building materials, and luxuries. There are also side puzzles that can help you gain materials by helping out scientists, city engineers, and media personalities. With each puzzle you get three attempts to earn coins to help pay for upgrades, resources centers, and game tools and enhancers. The bright candies are flavours of lemon yellow, cherry red hearts, blue raz triangles, green apple, chocolate octagons, and grape purple squares.

Stronghold Kingdoms Online

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Stronghold-Kingdoms-OnlineThe online version of the popular 2d/3d isometric castle games imagined by Firefly Studios. It is a turn based and yet a RTS at the same time. It is one of the better castle defense and attack games that is out there with both free and paid memberships to keep you building castles until the wee hours of the night or morning.

This game is truly addictive as you start from nothing more than a Village Idiot to that of a king of an entire region. You start your Stronghold life with nothing more than a small keep which you then have to manage. You have to see to the needs of your subjects but also the safety of them as well. You do this by placing buildings in your village that will help to maintain it as well as provide resources to both build with and trade with. As you build up your resources you are able to build your castle which defends your village. Much time is going to be spent building and maintaining that thing, so make sure you always have resources on hand, especially have a bandit or player attack.

Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Another Free to Play game comes to us, and this time it is from ERS Games Studios, the Cadillac of HMO-style games. They have brought us many hours of mysteries through the tales of Edgar Allan Poe, and yet again we are working with C. Auguste Dupin, a young Parisian detective, and his crew. Our work is cut out for us, too, because you never know where things might be or whom might be controlling them. There are many Poe games and the one constant is Dupin, but we really don’t see much of him as we are running around mid-19th Century Paris working our own cases, getting to know everyone from the local laundress to the chef at everyone’s favourite cafe. We even help out the crew of various dirigibles and hot air balloons that work their way over the city. We are not much a detective as the go to girl/guy for everyone, not unlike Dolly Levi. All kinds of people are looking for us to help them solve various cases, from the original Murder in the Rue Morgue to chasing down mummies, werewolves and escaped convicts. All this work does cost energy, and there are various ways to get it. Resting, as in not playing the game for a few hours. Eating, consuming pixelated noms and drinks to give you a boost, or working towards the rewards that will also give you those boosts.

SushiChop – Free To Play

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

SushiChop – Free To Play is one of those silly kinds of game that is sort of cheesy, but once you get started, you really don’t want stop. In this game you play as sushi chef, and you are cutting up different kinds of fish and shellfish to make nigiri. Along with this, you will also sometimes cut wasabi and ginger root along with the fish for bonus coins. Coins can earn you upgrades to get better knives. Between waves of fish being thrown up in front of you, you also get bonus rounds where you have to cut up a certain number of one kind of fish or shellfish.

Champions: On Alert

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Champions Online has had a make over and is now free to play and hosted by Perfect World. Originally coded and made by Cryptic we now have the MMO that is free to play and actually quite fun to play as well. From the time that you log in to the time you log out you do have fun with the characters that you make. Even making a character is fun to do and you could spend an hour or more just doing that. The hardest part of the game was waiting for the game to download and then patch itself. For those with very VERY fast download speeds it wont take you long but those with slow DSL will be waiting a while as when I downloaded the game it was 3 and a half gigs and the patch was 256 megs. Even after patching the game still is loading areas and textures in the background which might give you a few hick-ups now and then but nothing that will get your character killed as you play.