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Introducing….. The Tug Toner

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In 2009, FitnessIQ made the Shake Weight. Then they did the Free Flexor. Now they did some is not right and it call the Tug Toner. It is kind of questionable. Who in the heck invented that? That’s not right. They said you can take it everywhere like in your home, in car, and at the office as well. I do not want to see the Tug Toner out in streets. Some people will see a person working with a Tug Toner and they will say, “WTF? Seriously, dude?”

At home, it’s okay but, do it somewhere in home in private, not in your car or not front of people. In this commercial they will give you a second Tug Toner for free so you can help with a friend. I do not want help with a Tug Toner, maybe a girlfriend, but not with friend, unless it’s a female friend. With a dude? No way! They said you will get ripped and build strength. Well, you are building strength and getting ripped, alright. If I was you I would not get a tug toner unless if you do it home in private that okay but, not in street, city, and in front of people. If you want try other stuff from FitnessIQ, get the Shake Weight, not the Tug Toner and not the Free Flexor because Tug toner and Free Flexor are just, well… wrong.