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Hotel Transylvania (2012) Even monsters need a vacation

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Hotel-Transylvania-2015-dvd-coverBack when Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley created these classic gothic monsters to scare us with throughout the ages, they most likely never dreamed we’d love them so much 150 plus years in the future and beyond. Apparently, neither did any of the monsters, because that is why Count Dracula (Adam Sandler) had the Hotel Transylvania built, but that was not the main reason. As humans, and to quote the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast, “We don’t like what we don’t understand…” and such was the way we were with monsters during the 19th century, especially in Eastern Europe, which was about the time Dracula and his lovely wife had a sweet little vampire child, Mavis.

The Reef : Shark Bait!

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This movie has several titles, was released in several nations, and came screeching in on the tails of other underwater animated films of much higher quality like Finding Nemo and Shark Tale. It did not get much press or advertising, and rightly so. Even though it has a brilliant voice cast, the story was weak, and had been done far too many times. Let’s get back to the beginning, back to the polluted waters of Boston Harbor.

Pi (Jimmy Bennett) is a small fish that lives with his parents in the over-fished Boston Harbor. A pod of porpoises is passing through during migration season, and Pi makes friends with Percy (Dylan Cash). So, considering Pi’s situation, life could be rougher, and it is about to become that way. A fishing trolley sweeps the harbor, and Pi and his family get caught in a net. Pi is small enough to escape, but has to watch as his parents disappear to the surface with a school of cod. His mother tells him to get to the Reef and find help from his Aunt Pearl (Fran Drescher). He catches a ride to the Caribbean with Percy and his pod. Along the route, Pi (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) and Percy (Trent Ford) grow up, and they find the reef to be protected and amazingly colourful.