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Madden NFL 13

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Madden NFL 13 is for gamers who love football. I have been playing Madden NFL for ten years. I was 9 back then. I started to loving football when my friends were watching football every Sunday. After the game was over, we started to play Madden NFL. I kept on losing, but after few later I finally won. Madden NFL has been around since 1988. Now, Madden NFL is one of best selling games of all time. Madden NFL 13 has a very good gameplay.

The gameplay of this game is like the other Madden NFL games. The graphics in this game are really good. For the past 23 years, Madden NFL games were getting better and better every year and the graphics of the Madden NFL series are getting better, as well. Madden NFL 13 graphics are looks too real. When you are playing the game, it is like you are watching football, but you are controlling your favorite team. This game does not have a ending or a story line. In this game you are just having fun. I like playing the game instead of watching football. If you are watching football, you only watch it for the season and you have to deal all the commercials. That is why I like playing the Madden NFL games, because after football season is over, you can still keep on playing the game and no commercials at all.