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UltraViolet (2006) The Blood War is On

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In a world where viral research and development has gone horribly wrong you have the creation of a new subspecies of humans called hemophage. The hemophages have been changed by the virus and they are extremely contagious. Just a drop of their blood or bodily fluids will make others just like them. They are also called vampires because of the light sensitivity and elongated teeth that they have after the change occurs. That is not the only thing that happens to them, they have more sensitive hearing, enhanced speed, able to withstand more damage, ability to heal quickly and some are able to see in total darkness. For all their gifts, though, they are set to expire with a very hard expiration date. They die within 12 years to the day of their infection as well as regular transfusions of blood, if they are not killed first. That is the world that the film UltraViolet is set in.