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Sniglet of the Day : April 8

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Sniglet Of The DayFenility (fuh-nil-uh-tee) n. The tendency of old folks to love cats.

If you’ve ever watched the evening network broadcast news, have you noticed that, aside from the many ads for faulty prescription meds and digestive aids, the other ads are for pet products, mostly cat items? Cat food, litter, treats, etc. Oh, dogs get air time, too, but those who tend to watch that broadcast are usually older people and they just love their kitties! Not sure why this is, but crazy cat people can be found in just about every culture, male or female, but they tend to be older ladies. It’s not such a bad thing. It’s nice that the kitties have a home and lots of love that they can give back, until the grandkids come around. Then it more love than the kitties can handle. I’m sure that whenever a cat sees a first-grader, they tend to get a horrified look in their big eyes, then dart off the other way. Fenility is one of the many traits of getting older. With all the pitfalls that come with aging, fenility, like wisdom, is one of the better things that can happen to you. When you do retire, just make sure everyone knows you’ve become a crazy cat person, that way, when the time comes, and the gods call you back, someone can carry on in your place as a kitty caretaker.