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Through Sea And Stone : A Novel Of The Noble Dead

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This is the second book from series 2 of the The Noble Dead Saga by Barb Hendee and J. C. Hendee. This is the continuing adventures of Wynn Hygeorth, a journeyor of the Guild of Sagecraft, as she seeks to uncover the location of the texts that were taken from her so long ago. With so many deaths associated with them she has to find out what is so important in them that the Noble Dead are trying to get to them. What is in them that drive them to kill any who know about them. With these thoughts in her mind and her companions Chane, a noble dead himself, a vampire, and her protector, the Fay-Dog / Mahayji Shade, daughter of Chap and Lily are off to the dwaven city Dhredze Seatt. She hopes that they will be able to find the texts that she believes is guarded by the Stonewalkers. They are supposed to be a sect of the dwarves that care for the dead, especially the thanes. A dwarf must do many great deeds to be titled a thane and given a torque made by the burning ones, one of the 5 fay descendent races.