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Farm Mania : Hot Vacation

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Farm Mania : Hot Vacation is part of the Farm Mania series of games. In this one, the family starts off on a vacation to Australia, and ends up in a farming competition in the Outback. So now we are farming strawberries, peas, then raising geese for down feathers. We go on to plant fruit trees, and raise sheep for wool. With every new level comes new things to plant or new animals to take care of, plus varmints to scare away. The problem with the game play is not so much the lack of speed on getting water, or the fact that there is just too much to keep track of. It’s the lack of speed in getting certain things to work. The little peeps just need to move faster, but you don’t expect them to have to move this quickly at the beginning of the game when you have no access to speed upgrades. The early levels of the game need to be less demanding or just move faster. Later on, the Hot Vacation goes to other desert lands. By then you should have what you need to play the game comfortably, but you might need to break away once in awhile to give your eyes a rest.