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In The Name Of The King A Dungeon Siege Tale

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The unrated director’s cut of this film on Blu-Ray is done quite well and can be enjoyed by all that love fantasy films. I will say that I have never played the game Dungeon Siege but this film makes me want to play it and maybe that is the point. The film instills in the viewers a desire to see and experience more of what is seen in the film. Will I be disappointed when I play the game? Maybe, but one will never know till they do play it. For those that don’t care to play the game they will still have fun with this film. You have mindless beasts coming to life, sorcerers and magi battling each other and armies clashing over the lands that they live on. This film has everything that makes fantasy films so much fun to watch. You are able to feel the passion of the characters and don’t really care if it looks real or not. About the only thing that doesn’t look real are the gnoll type orkish things that are supposed to be mindless beasts. Well you could count the dryads as well if that is what they really are but do we guys even care when they are hanging out of trees with very little covering their skin? Really, that is what fantasy is for, FANTASY!

Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time

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Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of TimeI just watched one of the corniest and bad fantasy films I think I ever have. The writers, the directors and the producers of this flopping trash should be strung up till they do it right. I loved the first Beastmaster but the second one absolutely stunk. I am surprised that Singer did that one. Must have been one hell of a contract to make him play Dar as a bumbling ignorant idiot, nothing like the Dar we saw in the first film.

I think they had every stereo type in here that they could find from the time, the ditsy senator’s daughter, a desert idiot, homophobic idioms and so much more. I can’t believe this one was actually shown. I wanted to break my VHS cassette player after watching this waste of time and a waste of Mark Singers talents. They even stuck time travel and dimensional travel in the film. And what is up with the witch, if it were me she would have been dead or laid before she could try and talk me into something. I feel so sorry for the entire cast of this film for what the studio did to them. At least the animals were treated well.