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Grimm Friday Nights on NBC

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Friday nights just got better with the new show from NBC called Grimm. Nick Burckhardt (David Giuntoli) and Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby) are 2 detectives that have just been thrown into a world of the strange and unnatural, a world that has actually been there all along. A college girl has gone missing all in red and now a little girl as well and the two have to find out what has happened to her before it is too late. That is the basic run down of the pilot that looks to be a hit for NBC and one that I will be looking forward to seeing again.

The Prince and Me

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A romantic comedy about culture clash starts when a wild-eyed, bored Danish prince (Luke Mably) is looking for a new diversion, and he comes across a “Girls Gone Wild”-style advertisement on TV, and this particular issue is focusing on college girls from Wisconsin. Prince Edvard likes the idea of some wild poontang from the Heartland, and tells his parents that he is going to got to college in Wisconsin. The Danish Queen, Rosalind (Miranda Richardson) does not like the idea, but the King, Haarald (James Fox), give him his blessing, because if Edvard is in the States, the press cannot find him. They also send Edvard security gaurd (Primeval‘s Ben Miller) There he meets Paige Morgan (Julia Stiles), a very focused pre-med student whose family runs an independent dairy farm. Somehow, Paige and Edvard keep running into each other, they have a chemistry class together, work at the same student hangout, and have so much sexual tension between them that you could bounce quarters off it. At the request of Paige’s friend, Beth (Elisabeth Waterston), Paige invites Edvard to come back to the family farm for Thanksgiving weekend. The culture clash has melted away some, and the Morgans see Edvard and a fun, likable guy that might make Paige less cold, and were they ever right!