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EverQuest II

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

EverQuest II is a pretty good game to play. This still isn’t better than Guild Wars or Call of Duty. This game does beat EverQuest, though. The graphics do not look Nintendo 64 graphics and the gameplay runs smooth. This game look like Oblivion meets Guild Wars. Why? Because the graphics looks like Oblivion and the gameplay runs like Guild Wars.

Well, Oblivion came out around 2006 and Guild Wars came out around 2005, but this game came out around 2004. So, this game was out before Oblivion and Guild Wars. The character creation is better than Oblivion, but not Guild Wars. I liked the character creation because I can make the girls look cute and sexy. You can chose different hair styles you want, but you can’t color their hair blue, green, and pink. You can color there hair red, brown, blond, and even white. If you want anime hair, you can choose white. You don’t see face detail in this game. You can only see it in Oblivion, but not this game. Well, the girls are cuter than before.


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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

EverQuest is not a good game for me because the game have a lots problems with it. The artwork is great, but not the game. The graphics are so bad and the gameplay is horrible. I don’t like when it plays. I give this game a try because it’s from Sony and it was one of the first MMO games to come out.

I think this game came around 2000. It was the same time when the PlayStation 2 came out. The PlayStation 2 has ten times better graphics than this. The graphics are far more horrible than World of Warcraft. This game look like a Nintendo 64 game. I like to play N64 games, but not as bad as this game is. I played this game for a half a hour and it is not worth it. The girls in this game are not all that pretty. I was trying to make a pretty girl, but it the avatar building program would not have it. I like to play female characters girl because I’m a guy. Men always think about sex alot and we like the eye candy.