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How to Speak Coffee

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expresso_latte_lg It’s something we live with every day. Some of us crave it more than others, but no matter where we get it from, there seems to be some confusion on exactly what we are drinking is called. It’s coffee, and it comes from many different places, but it originated in Ethiopia, where legend states that a farmer found his goats has been feeding on a strange berry that would keep them awake all night long. Soon, the legend was researched, and the berries were found, but it took Arabic traders to cultivate it and to bring it to the world.

Most of what we drink every day is usually made a robust Arabica kind of bean. For those whom like a smoother flavour, the Colombian bean is best, or you might be one of those coffee connoisseurs that likes to experiment with beans from other locales, like Hawaiian Kona beans or Jamaica Blue Mountain beans. One thing is certain, geologically unstable places tend to produce the best coffee. Most all the best coffee nations sit on the Pacific and Caribbean Rings of Fire, with the exception of Hawaii, which is pretty much growing from its own volcanoes. Let us also remember that the Mediterranean Sea is also a hot spot for great coffee, and it is also where great exotic coffee recipes are created.

Jo’s Dream: Organic Coffee

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

It too a few tries for me to get a pattern working with Jo’s Dream: Organic Coffee, but once I got things going, this turned out to be a very fun time management game. It starts with a typical girlie game set-up, a post grad is starting out after a travel tour, and meets with an old friend, and they set up a business. We’ve seen this in many of these kinds of games, but what really made this fun for me was the access to upgrades, and hiring people that make the game run so much smoother. Speaking of things running smooth, this game hardly skips at all, and has a very fluid look to it. It seems that Melesta Games has gotten some new software or developers, because this is a far cry from their Farm Frenzy-style games that all seem to look alike.

Sniglet of the Day : August 27

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Sniglet Of The DayTard Fee – n. an unexplained charge on a receipt that may occur due to a customer being too picky, confusing, annoying, or stupid. Sometimes it may include all of the above. A tard fee is varaiable, and can be as little as $.15 to $1000 or more, depending on how much a nuisance a customer can be, as well as what kind of business they are frequenting.