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Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of Ur

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Iwin Games makes some pretty nice casual games, but I was a bit disappointed when I booted up Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of Ur. I was expecting a match 3 game, but I was given a HOM from the beginning. Now, I love an adventure game, and the setting was pretty unique, since looking for artifacts in Mesopotamia does not get as much media attention as Egypt or Central America.

In recent Hollywood treasure-hunting movies, we rarely see anything dealing with Sumer or Babylon. I was up for a nice change of pace, but then out comes the journal, and not one match 3 puzzle… yet. It seems that this game is part of a series that deals with three treasure-hunters living in the 1930s. Two Americans, one Brit, Rupert, Emma, and Sebastian. There are hints at a love triangle, but the focus on finding the “Oracle of Ur” is based in finding jewel boards, and putting them together. Then we get into the sparkling match 3 puzzles we promised.

H.G. Wells – The Time Machine (2002) – Where Would You Go?

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Movies have always looked to attract audiences with the thrill of time travel but they usually do not get it right. Most times the plots are so far fetched that they are doomed right from the start and they would need a time machine just to fix what they screwed up to begin with. In this version from 2002 Dreamworks and director Simon Wells,who is the great-grandson of the original author of the book The Time Machine, they seem to get it right. They bring to the screen the charm, the pain and the thrill that H.G. Wells envisioned with a bit of modernness to update it for our time. This is one of the best time travel films to hit the big screen and a fitting remembrance of the author H.G. Wells.

The Haunted Mansion (2003)

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Horrifyingly funny and outright hilarious as you take a thrilling trip with the Evers family deep in the swamps of bayou. This film has spooky charm that they whole family can love and enjoy no mater what their age might be. We get to see what the inside of the house that we love to have scar us from Disney Land could actually be like and some of the legends that come from it. You don’t have to wonder what going to this house would be like any more as this film takes you there and immerses you into the story like no ride ever could. You get to see just how weird, spooky and terrifying wonderful the house can be and we have the imaginings of director Rob Minkoff and writer David Berenbaum to scar us all the way there. Try it is not really a horror film but it is a pleasant horredy that you will definitely enjoy.