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Romancing the Stone (1984)

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A fun and exciting film with lots of adventure and romance in the jungles of Columbia. This film does have something for everyone as long as you are not a person that has to have a CG shot everywhere. There were not computer graphics used in this film and the one special effect was that of the lighting of the stone and that was done in post production and by hand. They just don’t make them like this any more where all the shots were real and everything was done by an actual person and many times by the actors themselves. It is that attention to the film that really shines in this romantic comedy by Michael Douglas Productions.

Skyline (2010) Don’t Look Up

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While it is true that much of the movie is shot in just one penthouse apartment this film still has a lot to offer in both action and effects. The acting was done well and it actually had a good script despite what other reviewers might tell you. They just didn’t like it because the people they wanted to see life just didn’t make it. This is not a film where everything comes out like we want or even expect. This is a film about how people deal with both everyday stresses and how they deal with the pressures of the unknown and possible doom. This is a thinking mans Sci-Fi film with action, hot women and jazzy and spectacular special effects to wow the mind and make you forget you are actually watching a drama.