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The Price is Right

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FunFactor: ★★★★☆ 

Ever wonder what happened on all those game shows when the gave the losers those “home versions” of the game as a consolation prize. Well, if you ever had the Come On Downs, while watching as Bob Barker and Drew Carey did this hour long commercial for many, many sponsors over the decades, this simulation is about as close as it gets to the show, without all the commercials. Yes, you are still going to get a description of certain overpriced products and bid on them to win. You will play pricing games where you can win anything from a pool table to a Lincoln Town car. You will spin the big wheel for the showcase showdown, which is clearly the most frustrating part of the game, as it was when watching it on the show. The showcases are still there, too. You are given three strikes, and when you lose at any of these parts of the game, you get a strike. 3 strikes and game over, simple as that, but don’t be surprised of you start right back up again. This is your chance to play all those pricing games you knew all the answers to back in the day. Addictive and materialistic, The Price is Right is no different in this format as it is on the show, but the graphics could have been better, and they could have given you more avatars to chose from as the contestant you are represented by. The goofy old lady I chose as an avatar looked not unlike a Roswell grey alien, but she was very happy. So, if you want a chance to play all those games, Come on down! You could be the next contestant on The Price is Right!