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DreamscapeDirector by Joseph Ruben and staring the talents of Dennis Quaid, Max von Sydow, Christopher Plummer and Kate Capshaw. This film is one wild ride through the dreams and nightmares of a little boy and the President of the United States. This film keeps you on the edge of your seat even though it was first produced in 1984. Many today feel that if a film is that old that it just wont be good to see, I say bull as this film is definitely good to see. It was sure as hell better then Inception.

This film deals with the mind and the demons that are buried deep inside ourselves and how we deal with them. Dreams are how most people work through their problems in their sleep and usually feel rested and inspired when they wake up. What happens when you only have nightmares? What happens when you are just too afraid to go to sleep? That are some of the questions that the researchers at Bates Hall are trying to find out as well as find a way to get into those dreams so that they can help those troubled individuals.