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Review: Spyro The Dragon

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

One of my favorite games that I ever first played on the PlayStation was that of Spyro The Dragon. I still play it again and again and I think it is one of the most enduring ones that was put out. I know it is not the newest and it doesn’t have the PS3 graphics but it has playability. It can be played again and again and you will always find a reason to play it again.

The premise of the game is easy enough, you are a small dragon, possible a teen dragon, who likes nothing more to do then to chase sheep around and play with butterflies. That is you day until the nefarious Gnasty Gnorc, a dragon hating villain, turns all of the dragons into crystal. The only one to escape is that of Spyro and it is his job to free the other dragons and to collect the gems that have been stolen.

Review: How To Train Your Dragon

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How To Train Your DragonI just finished watching How To Train Your Dragon and the accompanying DVD Legend Of The BoneKnapper Dragon. Let me tell you, if you get a chance to see them you are in for a wild ride that you will want to ride again and again. I laughed, I cried, at times I was on the edge of my seat in suspense. This film has it all and you are sure to be entertained. Even better it is a movie that the whole family can watch together. If you do watch it with your family you won’t have to worry about them seeing you cry because they will be crying right along with you.

Review: Jane And The Dragon

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Jane And The DragonThis is one of the cutest shows I have seen lately. It was originally done in Canada, or rather for Canada. It is about a girl named Jane that was tired of being a maid in waiting, just like her mother. She was so against being a servant in the kings’s castle that when the prince was found missing she went to go get the little brat back.

Yes, the prince is a real brat and is always trying to cause problems. You know how kids are that are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they think they are better then everyone else and they always make a point of pointing that fact out. EVEN if they are WRONG!